10 ways to keep your new home cool and comfortable all summer

10 ways to keep your new home cool and comfortable all summer

10 ways to keep your new home cool and comfortable all summer

School’s out! That means it’s time for pool parties, homemade lemonade, sun tans, beach weekends, and backyard BBQs! For Floridians, it also means 90 degree temperatures, constant humidity and an inflated electricity bill. Especially if you just moved into a new home, it’s important to know how you can prevent your space from getting too hot during the summer. Here are 10 ways you can beat the heat to keep your home cool, and that electricity bill low!

  1. Reverse ceiling fans

Did you know that you can actually switch the direction that your fan turns? By making it turn counter-clockwise, your fan can help push warm air up towards the ceiling  rather than down into the room. Ceiling fans are excellent at creating an artificial breeze, but it isn’t super helpful if it’s just pushing warm air around.


  1. Get unplugged

If you keep many devices plugged in, such as kitchen appliances, gaming consoles, or lights, you are introducing additional heat to your home. Any item that is physically plugged into the wall is actually producing heat! Unplugging devices that you aren’t using can help minimize heat from our everyday appliances.


  1. Close exterior doors

Although it can be tempting to keep doors, windows, or screens open during the summer to let in a natural breeze, you are actually making your home a whole lot warmer in the process! As warm air enters the home, your AC unit is put into overdrive to overcompensate and get the home back to the desired temperature you have set.

  1. Turn off the lights

Your average Halogen, Incandescent, and Fluorescent bulbs used in ceiling lights and lamps can create a noticeable warmth in a room. Particularly in smaller rooms, turning off lights can make a huge difference in the room’s temperature. LED bulbs emit very little heat and are more efficient than other bulbs—you may want to consider purchasing them before the summer months come around!


  1. Dehumidify

Humidity is heat’s equally irritating sibling during the summer. A dehumidifier does a great job of eliminating the stifling dewiness that can accumulate in your home and make the air feel even warmer than it already is! Use them all day, just at night, or whenever you need them.

  1. Block the sun

Even closed windows can become a vulnerability in a home hit with direct sunlight, especially during the hottest afternoon hours. Keeping blinds at least partially closed during these times will help block extra heat from entering the house.


  1. Cook outside

Cooking on an indoor stove or oven inherently increases the temperature of your kitchen that can also spread to other rooms in your home. Cooking on an outdoor grill can help you isolate the extra heat to a specific area away from the home’s doors and windows. Wide Open Eats has a lot of delicious recipes you would normally cook in the oven, but can now make on the grill- check them out!

  1. Set your AC up for success

Your AC unit will do most of the work in keeping your home cool, in addition to our other tips. To maximize AC use, set the unit to between 75 and 78 degrees. Setting your AC unit at a cooler temperature, closure to 60 degrees, will have your unit working overtime even though it will likely not be able to maintain that temperature anyway.


  1. Open interior doors

You want cool air to move freely within the home, helping to establish a consistent interior temperature. Shutting off individual rooms will turn them into small hotboxes that take far more work to re-cool.

  1. Maintain consistency

None of these home cooling efforts are immediate, so it’s important to stay consistent and give these tips time to work! Keep up with your fan usage, AC setting, lights, electronics and cooking habits to maintain a cooler household over time.


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