4 Purrrrfect Floor Plans for Pet Owners

4 Purrrrfect Floor Plans for Pet Owners

Your home is where memories are made. That’s where you celebrate birthdays, enjoy game nights, and rest after long work weeks. It’s not just where you store great grandma’s vintage silverware, it’s a crucial space for your family life! This, of course, means you have to have room for any and all family pets — dogs, cats, birds, fish, the iguana your 7-year-old begged for, and so on. While making sure your beloved critters have a spot in your house, it’s helpful to have a floor plan that considers muddy pawprints or a well-placed litter box. 

When you’re picking out a floor plan that will work best for your pets, there are a couple of things to keep in mind. First, observe the routes your pet may need to take — from the backyard to the kitchen, from the garage to the laundry room, or from anywhere to the bathroom! You don’t want Fido trekking the garden through every room before making his way to the tub. Another thing to consider is where your pets will sleep and how close you need that to be to you. Do you want Mittens to sleep on the couch at the other end of the house? Or will she sleep in the laundry room where she has easy access to you? Lastly, you need to notice the floors. Sure, carpet sounds nice until the golden retriever fur starts to pile up and you find yourself wishing for tile. Thankfully, Red Door Homes’ customizable plans makes sure you have the flooring you need in every single room, no matter what floor plan you choose! 

Our first pet-approved floor plan is the Yorktown. With the garage flowing seamlessly into the laundry room, you’ll have plenty of time to wipe off muddy paws before your pet’s grand entrance into the main portion of the house. This setup also makes it incredibly easy to keep your pet within the main (perhaps, more pet-friendly) areas of the house, thanks to a convenient great room and kitchen that will fit the entirety of your animal kingdom. 

Red Door Homes’ Verona floor plan is ready to take on pets of all shapes and sizes while giving you the ability to have a floor that stays pet-free, if your heart can take the separation! The lower floor’s access to the garage, laundry room, and family room (as well as a sunny porch) ensures that your pampered pooch can hang with the family without having access to the bedrooms or other areas you may want to keep free of fur. This is also a great option for multiple pets — you have plenty of room for them to spread out (especially if Mittens and Fido don’t get along). 

The Norfolk floor plan is another great option for pet-loving families. It has both a covered patio and a porch for furry friends who love to lounge in the shade, with big windows that give any pet hanging in the living room a warm, sunny spot. The garage’s easy access to the laundry room makes clean up (whether muddy paws or a litter box) easy, especially with a straight-shot to the bathroom for exceptionally messy days. Your pet will feel right at home! 

Lastly, the Davenport floor plan gives families who just can’t say no to another puppy, plenty of room. With two stories, your pets have room to spread out or stay on the main floor — with the master bath on the first floor, bathtime doesn’t require a trip upstairs! The garage’s easy access to the kitchen and family room mean your pets, both present and future, will be living their best lives as they hang with the family. An activity room upstairs provides an ideal aquarium spot — there really is a place for everyone! 

Choosing a floor plan that fits your family can be tricky. That’s why Red Door Homes is here to help! With a staff ready to house your family (and all the pampered pets!), your dream house is only a few steps away.