4 Ways That The Best Home Builders Maximize Value

4 Ways That The Best Home Builders Maximize Value

The Secret to an Affordable Custom Home? Maximize its Value.

Red Door Homes of North Central Florida understands that your new home is more than just a house, it’s years of hard work and saving. That’s why creating value is a central priority of our team—we work to build the most home for your budget. Keep reading to find out four ways that the best custom home builders maximize value to build the highest quality home for your budget.

1. Value Engineering

Value engineering aims to boost building functionality while minimizing costs. Our floor plan options are designed to provide home owners with the highest value per square foot. 

2. Supplier Relationships

The most value-oriented custom home builder will focus heavily on relationships with top vendors. Strong relationships with vendors allow us to get low prices on appliances, materials, and much more, that we can then pass on to you. Red Door Homes works closely with Moen, Trane, Shaw, and Frigidaire, so you can have these top quality brands in your home for less. A custom home builder with strong supplier relationships can sometimes give you access to brands you never thought you could afford!

3. The Team

A qualified professional overseeing the build will ensure that all processes are correct, safe, and up to code. Extensive experience with permits is also necessary to ensure that your home is completed in a timely manner, without any costly hold ups.

The best custom home builders have experienced and knowledgeable team members who guide buyers in the right direction at every decision point. Each person that has a role in a project impacts it’s long-term functionality, beginning with design. At Red Door, your initial consultation involves choosing a floor plan, upgrades, and more. Our professionals have the experience to give you advice on features that will provide value to your family based on your needs and preferences. An experienced building team knows what materials are affordable, but also safe and reliable.

4. Custom Options

At Red Door, we save families money because they only pay for the upgrades that they choose. Your custom home builder should be able to work with you to determine the best upgrade options that will increase living value while keeping costs within budget. Value engineering revolves around a home’s timeless functionality, which is greatly enhanced by appropriate custom options.

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