6 Outdoor Summer Projects for the Whole Family

6 Outdoor Summer Projects for the Whole Family

Nothing says summertime like a long list of fun family projects. Getting outside, checking things off your to-do list, using the kids’ summer break for something other than video games — it’s bliss! And you’re making your home homier with each project you complete. 

Chances are high that summer 2021 is filled with more time at home than normal. Many families are opting for staycations to avoid travel complications. While we long for the day we can freely skip to exciting new destinations, this summer the Red Door Homes family is planning out a full itinerary that will spruce up any home and keep the whole family busy. 

1. Assemble a playset and a front porch swing 
Have your kids had their eyes on a shiny new playset? Summer break is the ideal time to make their wildest playset dreams come true. It’s also a great way for mom and dad to ensure they’re entertained as the summer drags on. A fun playset equals busy kids (who will now only ask for a popsicle every 10 minutes instead of every five). 

After you’re done with your playset extravaganza, it’s time for a front porch swing for mom and dad! Red Door Homes’ Brighton model has the perfect front porch for all your swinging needs. 

2. Start your family garden
Just because you didn’t start prepping your garden in March doesn’t mean you’re out for the season! Get your garden plot ready to go and start planting, it’s not too late. May is the perfect time to plant tomatoes, potatoes, squash, collards, watermelon, beets...the list goes on! Imagine how tasty your fall season will be after a summer full of TLC. Waiting around until June? Don’t worry, there are veggies for you, too! Start with okra, southern peas, and sweet potatoes. 

A garden is a great way to provide something that’s tangibly helpful for your family that even your littlest can contribute to. Assign watering days, have a weekly weeding party (followed by ice cream, obviously), and celebrate that first tasty morsel. If you have a porch add on (like RDH’s Aspen model) you can even garden in cute garden boxes! Garden the summer away, you’ll love it. 

3. Give into the she shed movement 
Mom has been asking, it’s time to give in! Putting up a “she shed” requires all hands on deck, from lemonade deliveries to choosing wallpaper that screams “Mom!” And it accomplishes one goal we all realize the importance of: keeping Mom happy. 

Since Red Door Homes builds on land that YOU choose, you can decide how much room Mom needs for her she shed (pro tip: maybe don’t put it next to the playset).  

4. Turn your backyard into BBQ central 
Spending extra time at home means that your backyard needs to rise to the occasion. Section off a portion of your yard for a BBQ station, maybe adding a new grill, a kitchen island, a mini fridge, and a spice rack full of your favorite dry rubs. Many RDH house models have porches that provide the perfect starting point for your BBQ haven. Getting hungry? Better get to work! 

5. Set up a firepit 
Summer nights in North Central Florida aren’t complete without s’mores by the campfire. Adding a firepit to your backyard will not only make s’mores an every night activity, but it’ll remain a favorite spot once the cooler weather rolls in. 

Are you looking to upgrade your current property? The Red Door Homes team is an expert on building in North Central Florida — give us a call and we’ll make sure you have the land for the fire pit of your dreams! 

6. Schedule a garage clean out 
We get it, garages are messy. RDH’s Augusta model has a beautiful garage, but that doesn’t mean it’s bound to stay clean forever — that takes work! They’re often a stacking ground for your old stuff, boxes from previous moves, and leftover holiday decorations that broke years ago. It can be overwhelming to take all that on! But trust us — once you start blasting some oldies tunes, the time will fly by. You’d be shocked at how fun and productive a garage clean out day can be, especially when you strategically take breaks for chips and salsa! 

Pro tip: Assign each family member an area of your garage to clean out. This gives everyone ownership of something, boosting the responsibility while keeping everyone out of one another’s way! 

Outdoor family projects are a great way to spend your summer when you have time to spare. Oh, and did we mention how fun they are? The Red Door Home family can’t wait to hear all about your thriving garden, freshly painted she shed, and evenings full of s’mores.