A Parent's Guide to Home Zoning for North Central Florida's Best Schools

A Parent's Guide to Home Zoning for North Central Florida's Best Schools

A Parent’s Guide to Home Zoning for North Central Florida’s Best Schools

You always want the best for your family, and if you’re moving, that means finding schools that will support your child’s needs. If you are planning to grow your family in the future, you also want your new home to be in close proximity to every level of education, from pre-kindergarten all the way to high school. Check out this guide for navigating school zoning criteria and find the best public schools where you plan to live!

What is school zoning criteria?

In order to control the number of students at each school, the school districts in the state of Florida are broken up into “zones.” Although there are ways around these zones, the idea is that they determine where your child goes to school based on where you live.

These zones can be changed, but typically follow physical boundary lines, like highways or main roads in a community. Living at the edge of a zone will make your family more vulnerable to being rezoned in the future, which is something to keep in mind when searching for or building a home.


Where do you want to live? Pick your area of interest to find the best schools and zoning specifications!

Alachua County

The Alachua County School District was recently rated 2019’s 11th best school district in the state by Niche.com! Alachua County is home to 67 schools, many of which are very highly rated.

P.K. Yonge Developmental Research School

P.K. Yonge is a K-12 school with a focus on higher learning and academic ambition. This is the #1 rated school in Alachua County. Although this school does not have any zoning requirements, a convenient home location would be within 25 miles of the school, located minutes east of the University of Florida.


Eastside High School

This A+ rated high school is located just east of the University of Florida and was given such a high rating for its college prep programs, diversity, and academics.The zone for this school spans much of NE Gainesville.

Hidden Oak Elementary School

Hidden Oak is locally known for its academic proficiencies, which surpass those of other local elementary schools. The zone for the school is mostly made up of the Pine Hill Estates, Shannon Wood, and Buckingham West communities.

Levy County

Because schools are more spread out in Levy County, many of their schools are zoned to encompass a large portion of the county.

Chiefland Middle High School

Chiefland Middle High School is well rated on academics, diversity, and clubs & activities. The school, which includes grades 6-12, only has about 770 students, keeping classes small and hands-on. The zone for this school includes just about the entire county.

Williston Elementary School

Williston Elementary is one of only 2 elementary schools in Levy county. The school is zoned for just a small area south of Archer Road that runs through US 27.

Marion County

Marion County has a lot of academic options, mostly centered around the city of Ocala, FL. Many of the schools in this area have a rating of B- or higher, and Marion County was named the #18 best school district in Florida.

West Port High School

West Port has been named Marion County’s #1 high school based on their exceptional diversity, health & safety, and involvement programs. It’s school zone runs east of Ocala as far south as the Marion Oaks Community.

Osceola Middle School

With above average academics, teachers, and diversity, Osceola Middle School is the top middle school in Marion County, serving grades 6-8. They have a high academic proficiencies and offer a gifted program for accelerated students. The school zone includes Ocala down to SE 52nd Street.


Madison Street Academy of Visual & Performing Arts

Although geared towards gifted art students, this public, magnet school is very highly rated for their exceptional math and reading proficiency. The school also has a particularly low teacher to student ratio at 13:1. Since this school is based on its magnet programs, there are few zoning limitations.


To find zoning rules for other schools and other counties refer to the FL HomeTownLocator. To see school rankings and reviews, visit Niche.com.  


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