City dwellers hit the road and head to the countryside

City dwellers hit the road and head to the countryside

It seems as though every time you log into Facebook, one of your big city friends is announcing their move to a smaller, less urban area. Across the United States, cities are becoming obviously inconvenient, expensive, and cramped. This isn’t new — rent in places like New York or Chicago has always cost a laughable amount. And relying on public transportation has never been a singular selling point. Carrying groceries on your shoulders can get exhausting. But now these factors, and many others, are becoming some of the many reasons large numbers are leaving metropolitan apartments, migrating elsewhere. 

It’s not just the price and convenience that is driving thousands of people out of U.S. cities. Many Americans are moving to areas that provide more space and the opportunity to put down roots that will last. One large perk of this? The ability to buy or build a house. Individuals who couldn’t imagine owning a home in hubs like Washington DC or San Francisco are actually able to consider it in smaller, more affordable (and more spacious) markets like Gainesville, FL. When you compare big city rent to a house that you can call your own, it’s easy to see why making a move is so tempting. 

The housing market verifies this trend, with soaring home sales in the last year. Sales of previously owned-homes rose 24.7% between June and July of this year, with the highest sales volume the United States has seen since 2006. Whether COVID-19 helped many make the realization that they DO need more space than a city apartment can provide, or an uncertain climate prompted change focused on long-term goals, houses are being sold at a rapid pace. 

Buying a house is often a financially-sound decision, whether you’re looking for a starter home or something that will house your family for a longer period of time. When you decide to buy, you are investing in stability for yourself and your family (in housing costs and environment), you build your credit, and it’ll be yours to own after you’ve paid it off. If you decide to build, even more benefits come your way, like the ability to customize everything to your specific wants and needs. 

Smaller communities give you options that big cities don’t have. 

Making the decision to buy or build in smaller areas gives you extra space, and with that extra space comes extra freedom. Customization is easier when there’s more room to grow! This, as well as the stable tight-knit community that can be found in many of America’s suburbs, is the perfect reason to make the move sometime soon. 

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