How to decide what square footage is right for your family

How to decide what square footage is right for your family

How to decide what square footage is right for your family

You want your new home to check all the boxes listed in your criteria, including location, style, and price. But when it comes to square footage, how do you know how much space your family will need? After all, you don’t want to feel the burden of a busy, cramped space or the maintenance of a home that is just too big for your needs. Here are some tips for how to decide what square footage is right for your family!


Define Your Lifestyle

Do you consider your family energetic and lively or more cool, calm, and relaxed? What your day to day routine looks like should influence what size home you ultimately decide is best. Do you love hosting your whole family for the holidays, or is your favorite past time curled up in bed with a good book? The size of your home should reflect how you use it!


For the Entertainer

For the entertaining couple, the Richfield's 1,877 sq. ft. floor plan features a large, open kitchen, dining, and living space ideal for hosting guests.

Our largest floor plan, the Davenport is a host’s dream! This 3,761 sq. ft. home has an open floor plan kitchen and living area, as well as a large activity space on the second floor. There is no shortage of space for your guests to sleep and play!

Designed for Relaxation

The Newport is a cozy, 1,267 sp. Ft. home with a large master bedroom, bathroom, and walk-in closet, making for a true owner’s retreat!

Consider the Costs

Considering the financial requirements for buying a new home go beyond just the purchase price or mortgage rate. Regardless of the size of your home, you will be faced with electricity bills, home insurance, home maintenance costs, state taxes, and more. Keep in mind what you can realistically afford before purchasing a home. While larger homes can be more costly to heat and cool, smaller homes may need more upgrades to meet your needs.

The Westmoreland is perfect for those that want to maximize home energy efficiency without sacrificing space. This 2,757 sq. ft. home features 4 bedrooms to accommodate large families with the convenience of a single story layout.

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Think about the Size of your Family

The number of family members you will have living under your roof is the most important factor to consider when deciding what square footage your new home should be. It’s also key to think about the phases of life that your different family members are in, as this will affect the amount of space they will need.


Babies & Children

Whether you already have young children or are hoping to grow your family in the future, your new home should include space designed for their needs. Children will require spaces to play, explore, and stretch their legs, so if you are looking to buy a new house, consider one with between 2,500-3,500 sq. ft.

The Adams is one of our largest floor plans, with 3,415 sq. ft. of space designed to accommodate large, active families that might need some extra room to grow.


Teens & Young Adults

Teenagers and young adults will prioritize privacy, so a small, cramped home probably won’t work well for them. However, if you have older children that may be planning to move out in the near future, it’s important to visualize your space without their permanent presence. A home between 1,800-2,800 sq. ft. will provide enough space without becoming overwhelming as children move to make homes of their own.

At 2,595 sq. ft., the Augusta has 4 bedrooms, perfectly adaptable for a family anticipating fluctuations, but wanting to maintain a comfortable space.  

Adults & Seniors

An adult-filled household may not require as much space for privacy or activities. If you are looking for a home for just yourself or for yourself and a significant other, a smaller home will likely make more sense. If you typically need space for 1 or 2, a guest room is an easy addition, even to a smaller house. The key factor to consider here is maintenance. If you don’t use the majority of your space, it may not be worth the sometimes expensive and exhaustive upkeep efforts.

Consider the Kincaid! At 1,490 sq. ft., this single story 3 bedroom home can be comfortable for your family as well as guests!

Red Door Homes- Bringing families together in affordable, quality homes

There is no formula for deciding what square footage is right for your family, but a qualified, attentive home builder can help you create a space that’s a natural fit. At Red Door, our priority is building homes that make life better for the families that we work with through high quality and low prices.

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