The Ultimate 2021 Checklist for Building Your Home in Florida

The Ultimate 2021 Checklist for Building Your Home in Florida

With a booming housing market, lots of Floridians are comparing buying a home with building to get the most value out of their home. A custom build gives you a home you’ll love but lots of homeowners have trouble figuring out where to start. Follow this checklist for a better understanding of what you can anticipate when building a home in Florida in 2021!

  1. Know What You’re Looking For

Before you begin the process, it’s best to have an understanding of what you’re looking for. That means the number of bedrooms and baths, style inspirations, location, and more. Red Door’s home plans are a great place to start! These show you the floorplans and starting prices of our homes. You can also use our Dream Home Designer to visualize your home and experiment with additional features; just click any one of our home plans and then the teal button will have you designing! Our tools are great for deciding on your budget, wishlist, and more with your partner and family!

  1. Find Land

Now that you have an idea of what your finished home will look like, you can find the perfect home-site! If you have an existing home-site, now is the time to have it evaluated and make sure it fits your needs. Red Door Homes will provide a free home-site evaluation for land that you own, or help you find the right property in your desired location. 

  1. Get a Cost Estimate & Secure Financing

After picking out your land, it’s time to get a full estimate of how much your project will cost. Red Door Homes provides a free cost estimate to every client. We’ll help you adjust your vision to make the most of your budget without going over! During this stage, we can also answer any questions you may have about the costs that will go into building your home.

Securing financing for new construction might seem daunting, but it isn’t too different from a home loan. This is another area where Red Door can help! We work with clients to find the perfect financing solution for them, whether it be from a credit union, mortgage lender, or anyone in between!

  1. Permits, Planning & Pre-Construction Meeting

At this stage, it’s time for your construction crew to get planning. Red Door will take care of your permits and purchase orders as we finalize our planning. This is the first part of our pre-construction phase, where we’ll handle all the paperwork and red tape for you.

Now it’s time for you to sign off on your home design! Our production department puts together your plans based on your specific desires. We’ll go over this with you in a pre-construction meeting, finalizing everything before breaking ground. This is another chance for you to ask any questions and provide more background on what you’re looking for.

  1. Begin Construction

Here comes the fun part! While you sit back and relax, your home will be constructed by our experienced, knowledgeable team. Red Door’s construction takes between 120 and 150 days! We’ll keep in communication as your home comes together. This step includes everything from preparing your home-site to installing final fixtures (countertops, flooring, trim, and more).

  1. New Home Walk-through & Move-In!

Drum roll please! Once your home is inspected and your Certificate of Occupancy is in hand, we’ll take you on a tour to make sure you’re completely satisfied. We’ll also show you how the features of your home work, so you’re not left guessing on move-in day!

With the walk through complete, it’s time for you to move in. Four to five days after your walkthrough, your home will be ready for you. Change your address wherever you need to and enjoy living in your Florida dream home!

Ready for Step 1?

Red Door Homes gives you a beautiful, custom-built dream home for the price of a mobile home. Our goal is to make this process as easy as possible for you - which is why we help with everything from securing financing to building your home from the ground up. Get started on the home of your dreams by contacting us today!