Upgrade from a Mobile Home: Custom Homes for Same Price & Better Value

Upgrade from a Mobile Home: Custom Homes for Same Price & Better Value

Don’t think you can afford a custom-built home? Think again! With Red Door Homes of North Central Florida, you can enjoy the benefits of a quality custom home on a mobile home budget. Thanks to our value engineered floor plans, vendor relations, and optional add ons, we’re able to provide quality, affordable custom homes. Check out these benefits of upgrading from a mobile home to an affordable, custom home with Red Door!

The Depreciation Factor

Mobile and pre-fab homes are notorious for depreciating over time. Whether you are making payments on your home or have it paid in full, odds are you will actually be losing money in the long-run. To see how much your mobile home would depreciate each year, follow these steps on EZ Homes.

Even if you believe a mobile home has some degree of resale value, finding a buyer can be a futile effort. New manufactured homes are affordable and easily accessible, and prospective buyers often choose a new build. If your home is located in a park setting, as many are, it can be even harder to find a new buyer, as they can cost thousands of dollars to move.

The Safety Factor

Your home should provide your family with safety and security. During Florida’s destructive hurricane season, the state’s greatest concerns fall on those who reside in mobile homes. Since these homes are built on semi-permanent foundations, they don’t have the same storm resiliency a stick-built home has. Strong storms often bring tornados, which are an even larger threat to mobile and pre-fab homes in Florida. With a Red Door custom home, you can be confident that your home is built to weather the storms.

The Finance Factor

Financing a mobile home can be more expensive than financing a stick-built home because of its property category. Since stick-built homes are permanently affixed to the land, they are considered “real property”. Mobile homes are not permanently placed, so they are considered “personal property.” Personal property loans often come with higher interest rates and shorter terms than offered by a mortgage.

The Land Factor

When you build with Red Door, you own both your home and your land. This increases the value of your home and boosts its resale ability. When you own a mobile home, you often have to rent land in a mobile home park or community, narrowing your land and area options. Your Red Door home can be built in any of our 24 service areas in North Central Florida, and if you don’t own any land, don’t worry! We’ll help you locate the perfect piece of property.

Quality Custom Homes on a Mobile Home Budget

We know that while choosing to build a new home is exciting, it’s also a big decision. If you’re looking for more resources, our team is always happy to help, and you can visit our website to compare a Red Door home with mobile and modular residences.

We love helping families discover the quality of home that they can afford. Our local, qualified team will help you decide if a custom-built home is right for you and your family when you visit our Gainesville, Florida showroom or give us a call at (352) 559-3050.