Building Your Legacy: Say Goodbye to Renting and Hello to Homeownership

In a world where the concept of home has evolved beyond just a dwelling, the decision to transition from renting to homeownership is a significant aspiration for many. Renting may provide temporary comfort, but true stability and a lasting impact come from owning a home. Red Door Homes of Florida understands the importance of this […]

Renting vs. Building with Red Door Homes

Finding the perfect place to call home is an important decision that can significantly impact your quality of life. Whether you are starting a new chapter or looking for a change, the question of renting or building a home is bound to arise. In this blog, we will explore some of the advantages of choosing […]

A Guide to Affordable Homeownership: Custom Built Homes vs Mobile Homes

Owning a home is a dream that many people share, but the current economy has made buying a home a challenging endeavor. However, purchasing a home doesn’t have to break the bank. In this article, we will explore two options for more affordable homeownership. Continue reading to learn more about these two avenues to owning […]

Why Should You Build Your Dream Home in Gainesville?

In recent years, Gainesville, Florida has become one of the most sought-after communities for people in all stages of life. The Greater Gainesville area is diverse and beautiful in so many ways. Modern and historic, urban and rural, city life and natural beauty all are a part of what makes this area wonderfully unique. Continue […]

It’s More Than Just A Home

There’s something special about creating a home for someone. It’s not just about the bricks and mortar, but about the memories that will be made within those walls, and for Tug Huddleston of Red Door homes, that means the world. Ever wonder where someone’s passion came from? Tug Huddleston loves what he does because he […]

Open House

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Bradford County, FL

About Bradford County, FL Bradford County, situated in the northern region of Florida, is a charming and quaint area with a population of around 27,000 residents. This county is known for its friendly community and serene landscapes, making it an ideal place for those seeking a quieter lifestyle. The largest city in Bradford County is […]

Alachua County Florida

About Alachua County, FL Alachua County, located in the northern part of Florida, boasts a population of approximately 270,000 residents. The county is known for its vibrant community and diverse offerings, making it a desirable place to live. Within Alachua County lies the city of Gainesville, renowned for its unique blend of urban and suburban […]