Every day the members of our team wake up with the desire not to offer simply a better home, but the ability to change lives financially. Red Door Homes is a builder of easy & affordable dream homes. Many of our clients never even considered home ownership as an option. Today those same folks are bettering their lives, building memories and their financial capabilities along the way.

Why Red Door

What Makes Us Unique?

Creating Dream Homes icon

Creating Dream Homes

At Red Door Homes we offer something that our competitors don’t. We build on your property at prices custom builders just cannot match. With transparent pricing we let you select the options we offer that you desire for your home without the worry of having other items packaged in.

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Affordable Alternative

At Red Door Homes we are an affordable alternative to mobile, manufactured or modular homes. We strive to help our customers achieve the American Dream of home ownership in a real concrete slab, site-built home, rather than having to settle. With our fixed pricing we are also more predictable than cost plus local custom builders.

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Wise Investment

At Red Door Homes our fantastic value for your investment is the smart solution and all the while you are able to create your dream home that matches your lifestyle. Our value engineered floorplans allow for price savings and speed of construction. Most homes are completed 120 to 150 days after the permit is issued.

Our Values

Experience "Customazement"

Our goal is to elevate the home-building experience through value, transparency, and quality. We simplify the process by educating the buyer, pricing our homes up front, and having selections done at our onsite Selection Center which saves our buyers time and money. We begin with the end in mind, guide you through the process, and strive to exceed your expectations. We want the experience to be so amazing that you will send your friends and family. That’s what “customazement” is all about.

Complete Experience

Your Home, Your Land, Your Choice

We provide the tools you need to create your Dream Home. Each of our 31 floor plans have a list of pre-priced options to allow you to select the features that best suit your family’s needs. Our plans are also customizable, so if something needs to be changed let’s do it. We welcome your input on design and choices you want included in your home while staying mindful of budget. At Red Door Homes you have the power to choose what’s important for your family and your lifestyle.


Committed to Excellence

At Red Door Homes our brand is built on our reputation. We strive for perfection every step of the way. From the first meeting, through construction, at closing and during warranty you can feel the commitment of our team. Holding each other accountable and being accountable to our customers ensures that we provide a quality home and memorable experience to our customers. We are very passionate about what we do it and you will feel that passion as soon as you walk into our showroom.

Passion for the Brand

Enjoy The Journey

The team at Red Door Homes love what we do and are so honored that we get to do it for you! We work very hard to make dreams come true and have great fun during the process. Staying positive and making decisions that are fair for both the company and the customer help make the experience memorable for everyone involved. Building a home is a big deal, so we want to make sure you enjoy the journey.

Have Fun Doing It